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Fantázia Gránit Kft.
2230 Gyömrő, Üllői út 21.
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We have been serving our satisfied customers for 119 years.

Fantázia Gránit Kft. – besides renewing company name and form – runs as a family business handed down from father to son. Our company had been founded in Piszke in 1896.
Our ancestors were the first to start their stonemasoning and gravestone manufacturing work in 1926 at Sírkert Street, X. district in Budapest. Sticking to traditions and proudly keeping them, our company residence is now located at 21 Üllői Road, Gyömrő, Hungary.

Our company’s leadership has always been in the hand of well-trained stonecarvers and so it is at present as well which guarantees meeting of our customers’ needs at a high level of quality.
As a result of growing customer needs, initial manual stonecarving has been replaced by semi-automatic and automatic machines that enable fast and precise work.

Our manufacturing department is a new plant which is suitable for 21st century demands.
We have a wide range of granite, marble, limestone, natural stones and agglomerate, fabricated stones at our depots. Our profile includes distribution of these stones, manufacture of semi-finished and finished products made of them and their construction.
window sills, partitioning sills, kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, bathroom accessories, floor tiles, stair tiles, gravestones and memorials.
In addition, stone glasses can also be purchased from our company. Stone glasses are being manufactured based on unique, individual ideas. They raise the splendour of the following places: private homes, hotels and public institutions.

Stone is a natural material whose range of application is only limited by one’s imagination.

Gyártó üzem és bemutatókert:
2230 Gyömrő, Üllői út 21.

Gyártó üzem és bemutatókert:
2230 Gyömrő, Üllői út 21.

Pestszentlőrinci bemutatókert:
XVIII. Kerület, Budapest,
Lőrinci temetőnél
Gerely u. - Nefelejcs utcai
Szac Sportpályán

Stone sculpturer certificate from 1968

Stone sculpturer certificate from 1972

Certificate of Appreciation 2009.

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