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Currently on discount

Granite gravestones displayed at our Lőrinc  depot can be purchased at a significantly reduced price.
In case of ordering a gravestone which has to be manufactured one name + date of year sand blast inscription is free of charge*!
* To validate the above detailed discount, please refer to our website!

Should you be interested, you can inquire about our current prices at our depots.

Discounts are available while stocks last.
Home-produced - not Chinese - high quality gravestones are available in a wide range of colours and shapes, at a reasonable price, produced within a short time.

Construction work:

Kitchen countertops::
Granite, marble, limestone, agglomerate kitchen countertops are available from 14.500 HUF

per linear metre (net price)

Window sills:

Window sills manufactured by our company are not of standard size!
Our window sills are unique, designed with care to perfectly fit our customers needs in size and shape. And what about the price? It is exactly the same as the size you ordered. Why would you pay needlessly?

Beige colour 2 cm thick window sills of unique size with edge polish and dripping are available from 3.990 HUF per linear metre (net price).